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WSB offers an extensive ever changing collection of evergreen and deciduous plants. We grow our stock largely from European, Japanese and North American cultivars, that will thrive and delight us in temperate environments across the US. In addition to our collection of miniature seedlings, grafts and cuttings propagated on-site, as a plantsman I am permitted to forage parts of the alpine regions of the PNW for the wild witches' brooms, select native seedlings and the elusive natural dwarfed pre bonsai candidates. 

Our inventory is always evolving, so check back in to see what's up and coming after each grow season! 




Known for their vibrant, seasonal display and remarkable structure, our wide selection of beautiful maple varieties combine delicate foliage and form with bold color and character.  



Our offering of deciduous and evergreen conifers provide diverse forms, textures, aromas and year-round color variations enhancing all kinds of garden space.  



The art of bonsai requires skill, patience,  passion and vision to bring out the unique character and quality of each individual specimen.