You'll find deciduous and evergreen plants in various stages of training for bonsai here. My focus is to offer new plant varieties to create with in addition to my traditional favorites. There are so many new cultivars coming from Europe and the US in the form of witches' brooms and select seedlings that offer small needles and leaves as well as short internode spaces, great bark textures and new shades of red, blue, green and yellow foliage. I grow my stock from seedlings, rooted cuttings, air layers and grafts. Whenever possible my grafts unions are placed as low as possible on understock trunks.

Root-crown grafts are performed on all Corticosa varieties. Good nebari(surface root display) is always high priority. Aesthetic value determines plant pricing. There are always several trees that are outstanding from a group of twenty trainees of same age, same training technique and same care provided. It's Mother Nature in motion!


Price ranges will always be listed per tree variety offered. Please inquire about more detail if you so desire. Plants are grown in 1, 2, 3 and 5 gallon containers. They represent from three to fifteen years of age. All ages are stated in the listings. Photos and details of individual plants placed in your cart will always be provided. All purchases are professionally packed for safe travel and carry appropriate shipper insurance. Any excess soil is removed and seasonal root pruning performed when appropriate to lower shipping weights and minimize box size.


I have spent all my efforts for the last few months developing this website to get it to this stage of completion. I would love to continue as I have and fill this section up with various aesthetic offerings. Unfortunately I must switch gears and trade in my keyboard, computer and camera for my grafting knife, greenhouse and all the great scion wood out in the nursery waiting to be harvested and carefully attached to my pampered understock. There's a small window here that allows successful grafts to knit in time before the onset of warmer spring weather which is probably right around the corner for my little niche in this great Pacific NW paradise. Thank you for your patience and understanding, I will be back in April with some interesting pre bonsai to view.